March 2017 Clinical Trials


Clinical trials for Neurological Conditions

Clinical trials are essential to determine whether new drugs, diagnostics or procedures in the laboratory are both safe and effective when used to diagnose or treat people.Our office is recruiting patients for following clinical trials. Please remember that we do not bill for these studies to the insurance company, so it does not matter whether the patient is insured or not insured.

  1. Osteoarthritis of Hip or Knee
  2. Chronic Low back pain
  3. Moderate Alzheimer’s disease: MMSE 10-20 Pt on Namenda and Aricept.
  4. Any memory impairment, for Amyloid PET scan Evaluation (Medicare patients only)
  5. Complex partial/ Focal Epilepsy- Open label study
  6. Moderate advanced Parkinson’s disease
  7. Acute Migraine
  8. Chronic Migraine
  9. Agitation in Alzheimer’s disease
  10. Mild Alzheimer’s disease- Day Break study
  11. Stem cell treatment for stroke- chronic deficit
  12. Psychosis in Parkinson’s disease

Carefully conducted clinical trials are performed in human volunteers to provide answers to questions such as:
– Does a treatment work?
– Does it work better than other treatments?
– Does it have side effects?

If you would like to learn more about the clinical trial process, please visit our Research page.

Patient Safety:

We collaborate with regulatory agencies, monitor reports of adverse events experienced by patients and communicate on our product safety activities, as appropriate to the audience. Any medicine may cause side effects in some patients. Our priority is to make sure that the therapeutic benefits of the medicine outweigh the risks

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Torticollis Research Study
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