Chronic low back pain affects most adults, causes disability for some, and is a common reason for seeking healthcare. In the United States, opioid prescription for low back pain has increased, and opioids are now the most commonly prescribed drug class. More than half of regular opioid users reported back pain. America’s opioid crisis is taking the life of a person every 19 minutes. Responding to this crisis, Braeburn Pharmaceuticals has launched Phase 3 clinical trial for long lasting Buprenorphine injection.

Dr. Bhatia’s Neuro Pain Medical Center (located in Fresno, CA) is conducting a clinical research for low back pain. Qualified volunteers must:

  • Be 18-75 years old
  • Currently taking high doses of an opioid for low back pain
  • Have 3+ months of diagnosis of low back pain

If selected, the volunteers will receive long lasting investigational pain medication (Buprenorphine) injection and morphine as rescue medication. This is a no-cost to patient trial, so insurance is not required. Selected volunteers will receive free assessment, medicine and examination, and will also be compensated for travel.



Low back pain is common. Almost everyone has back pain at some time in their life. Often, the exact cause of the pain cannot be found.

A single event may not have caused your pain. You may have been doing many activities, such as lifting the wrong way, for a long time. Then suddenly, one simple movement, such as reaching for something or bending from your waist, leads to pain.

Many people with chronic back pain have arthritis. Or they may have extra wear and tear of the spine, which may be due to:

  • Heavy use from work or sports
  • Injuries or fractures
  • Surgery

You may have had a herniated disk, in which part of the spinal disk pushed onto nearby nerves. Normally, the disks provide space and cushion in your spine. If these disks dry out and become thinner and more brittle, you can lose movement in the spine over time.

If the spaces between the spinal nerves and spinal cord become narrowed, this can lead to spinal stenosis. These problems are called degenerative joint or spine disease.

Other possible causes of chronic low back pain include:


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